Mineral's recharge

The mineral is a natural chemical compound situated on the whole earth’s crust. The human is also made up of minerals and it is from them we obtain minerals. For this reason these are useful in today’s world where the nature tends to disappear. The formation of crystals is unique, their geometrical shapes, different according to the pressure and the variations, fascinates ourselves to the point we struggle to believe it’s nature’s work. For millennium many civilizations have used these crystals for their virtues for specific purpose to harmonise the body and the spirit.

White ceramics :

it purifies, minimises the chlorine, the limestone, pathogenic bacteria, residues of pharmaceuticals and others impurities contained in water.

Red tourmaline :

it provides relaxation, relieves muscular and emotional pain, contractures and stress, giving you a feeling of wellness.

Black germanium :

it stimulates deep hydration while respecting the skin and the hair. It prevents irritations of the epidermis while respecting the PH..