The nature has been always the most sophisticated of the laboratories in the world. From the beginning man has drawn from the vegetable kingdom the resources he needs to live, to take care of himself and to take care of his body. It enable to get back to the harmony between the body and the spirit through custom made ritual cares. Natural minerals and Plato´s solids are the sources of this harmony.


« NATUR & Ô »,it’s the easy and natural solution that provides benefits to the water used to have a shower, avoiding the aggression of the daily water and it bring – at the same time, the best energies that have an effect on the ethereal body.

« NATUR & Ô »is suitable for all kind of skin and brings a purity of water that allows softness epidermis and for softness and brightness to the hair. It encourages the relaxation, relieves the pain and the emotional level, give immediate sensation of wellness provided by the mineral naturals.


The shower head
« NATUR & Ô »shower head unquestionably favors in a significative manner, the consumption of the water and at the same time it keeps a pleasurable water’ jet for an experience of unique shower. A water that provides wellness, radiance, harmony, revitalization, energy of water. All of these benefits in a shower time. The shower head contains three natural minerals (to see further) with a life span from 1 to 2 years or more, depending your use and the quality of the water.
The minerals
The mineral is a natural chemical compound situated on the whole earth’s crust. The human is also made up of minerals and it is from them we obtain minerals. For this reason these are useful in today’s world where the nature tends to disappear. The formation of crystals is unique, their geometrical shapes, different according to the pressure and the variations, fascinates ourselves to the point we struggle to believe it’s nature’s work. For millennium many civilizations have used these crystals for their virtues for specific purpose to harmonise the body and the spirit. br /> White ceramics : it purifies, minimises the chlorine, the limestone, pathogenic bacteria, residues of pharmaceuticals and others impurities contained in water.
Red tourmaline : it provides relaxation, relieves muscular and emotional pain, contractures and stress, giving you a feeling of wellness.
Black germanium : it stimulates deep hydration while respecting the skin and the hair. It prevents irritations of the epidermis while respecting the PH.
The Plato’s solids:
Plato’s solids are used in quantum medicine. Symbols of natural elements, they come from sacred geometries. They produce vibrations and we are very sensitive to them. This is what « NATUR & Ô » brings to this shower head, having chosen two of them (Icosahedron, Dodecahedron).
The Icosahedron : It’s situated at the exit of the shower head, it provides the continuous irradation of the Golden number. It’s made up of 20 triangular equilateral faces, is the water element associated to the sacred chakra, center of creativity and abundance. The sacred chakra is situated in the pelvis, that’s why is connected to the water element.
The Dodecahedron : It is situated at the entrance of the shower head, it creates vortex to the Golden number by its 12 pentagonal regular faces. Vortex can be found naturally in streams and torrents. The dodecahedron is also called the 5th element, it is connected to the heart’s chakra. With this shape the harmony in the water and in ourselves is produced.
The Grid
It has a star decagon. This form is the projection of the 5 solids of Plato, corresponding to the 5 elements and the seal of Solomon. These 432 microspores are a component of the gold number. The water diffused through the form, becomes subtly careful harmonizing and regenerating. A jet of a soft micromassaging and relaxing source of well-being, energy, vitality to give the moment of the shower one of the most pleasant moments. It reduces water consumption until 50%.
The Decagones Star : This form is the assembly of the projection in the plane of the 5 Plato´s solids intewined one with the other. It is therefore connected to the 5 elements. It generates several vortex in a perpendicular axis. It is organized by the numbers including the Gold Number.