Maintenance advices

We are pleased to give you the chance to discover Natur&Ô, the Authenticity of the water!
The shower head Natu&Ôis composed of three categories of natural minerals. These minerals are placed in compartments that can be taken apart and rechargeable.
The minerals have a duration of the wear from one to two years depending on the use and the quality of the water (for two persons with two showers per day, a water moderately hard duration from 18 to 24 months).
The transparence of the shower head enable you to view the dissolution of the minerals with different rhythms. They’ll be completed or replaced by refills that we supply in our selling stores or on our site
Maintain the railings situated in the extremely part of the shower head you’ll keep a soft water’s jet and the micro-massage in good working condition. The shower head can be totally disassembled and it allow you an easier maintenance (to immerse from 5 to 10 minutes in white vinegar). The scaling of the railings can damage your shower head (an unexpectedly opening of the shower head, a fissure of the clamping ring). The warranty doesn’t cover it. Be careful the assembly of the railings and the junction in the right way, it’ is really important: Put the railings in the direction of the writing.of the brand Natur&Ô, it has to be seen from outside, then put your junction.The assembly is really important. A bad assembly can cause a water leak from the clamping ring or an unexpectedly opening of the shower head.
A conical filter situated in the handle of the shower head that give the possibility to catch the impurities of the water has to be verified. To eliminate the impurities spin and brush the filter, then replace it with the peak in the bottom direction of the handle.
The Plato’s solids:
The Dodecahedron is situated at the entrance of the handle of the shower head, near to the incoming water. The Icosahedronis situated at the beginning of the shower head after the Germanium. These shapes must to be in this order to respect their healthy effects. The water that comes filtered by minerals is for external use due to the strong content in iron it’s strongly advise against drinking it. Keep the shower head out of the reach of children, ingest of the minerals can cause intoxication or choking