AMILO model under sink
1 March 2021

AMILO home model



The system has 3 filter holders impregnated with silver thanks to an exclusive patented technology for bacteriostatic action on the entire filtration line, allowing increased longevity of the filter cartridges.

The first cartridge is dedicated to pre-filtration in order to protect the fine filtration cartridge that follows. This thus promotes good filtration quality over time, without loss of flow and without irregular obstruction linked to large sediment particles that may occasionally be found in the water.

This cartridge is a silver-impregnated braided fabric spool with a pre-filtration fineness of up to 1 micron. It also makes it possible to reinforce the bacteriostatic action from the start of the filtration and therefore prevents the proliferation of bacteria in the winding, thereby preventing the migration of bacteria into the next filter cartridge.

Cartridge to be replaced once a year. Disassembly and reassembly by simply unscrewing the translucent tank.

The second cartridge is dedicated to the final depth filtration, in order to retain unwanted chemical molecules, to promote healthy living organisms.

Among other molecules retained: chlorine and derivatives, pesticides, drug residues, hormones, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, detergents, cosmetics …

This cartridge is a combination of high quality coconut charcoal and a alliage cuivre-zinc, le KDF. The KDF allows bacteriostatic action at the internal level of the cartridge, again promoting its longevity of use. It also enhances the degradation of chlorine and the attraction of heavy metals, which supports and optimizes the action of activated carbon in its final work of retaining other unwanted chemical molecules. The water thus freed of these chemical molecules is ready to be energized to restore it to its full vital potential.

Cartridge to be replaced after 1 ½ year or 150m3 of water.

This set allows the action of transforming the limestone into a lighter form, aragonite, thus reducing its encrusting power. Softer water which limits the use of detergents. This water structuring module has the effect of raising the level of coherent vibrations of water to allow it to regain a natural vital state favorable to the regeneration and growth of living organisms (plants, animals and humans)

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