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1 March 2021
AMILO home model
1 March 2021

AMILO model under sink



The system includes 1 filter holder impregnated with silver thanks to an exclusive patented technology for bacteriostatic action on the entire filtration body, allowing increased longevity of the filter cartridge.

The filter cartridge is an assembly of granulated coconut carbon, carbon / silver and a copper-zinc alloy, KDF.

This set allows filtration that retains almost all of the chemical molecules contained in the water with high performance: pesticides, drug residues, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, detergents, cosmetics, chlorine, etc.

The combination of charcoal, charcoal / silver and KDF promotes bacteriostatic action inside the entire filter cartridge, in addition to that of the filter holder, also impregnated with silver. The proliferation of bacteria is a major factor in the clogging of charcoal trapping pores. It then causes a rapid and significant decrease in its performance in the retention of chemical molecules. Rid of the bacterial and viral problematic, charcoal is one of the best known filtration media, due to its versatility in retaining the various existing chemical molecules.

The reduced flow (about 1 liter of filtered water in 20 seconds) allows sufficient contact time with the carbon to allow it to retain the chemical molecules present in the network water. The water coming in from the bottom of the cartridge comes into contact with all the carbon contained inside, making the retention work optimal. Its filtration allows it to offer a capacity taking into consideration a household of 1 to 5 people for an annual water consumption in common uses in the kitchen (drinks and culinary preparations, washing of vegetables)

It is essential to replace the cartridge every year. At the bottom of the filtration tank are positioned active silica balls, which have an emission frequency based on that of marine limestone. This frequency was chosen for its broad spectrum of action promoting the regeneration of all that is alive. It acts on the water that passes through the filter and helps vitalize it.

This frequency is identical to that used for active ceramic plates.

This model is placed under a kitchen sink, all connections are provided for this purpose.

The installation can be done by you, it is necessary to drill a hole of diam. 12mm at the level of the kitchen sink or just next to it to position the gooseneck faucet, for the outlet of the filtered water.

This beautiful quality designer faucet will give you satisfaction for a long time!

The under-sink filtration system includes:

– A silver-impregnated filter holder (lifespan of more than 15 years)

– A carbon, carbon / silver, KDF filter cartridg

– Active silica balls (activated by a frequency of marine limestone, favorable to living organisms)

– A bracket for filter holder allowing fixing to a wall – A key for tightening / loosening the filter holder tank, for replacing the cartridge

– A gooseneck faucet

– A connection system on the water supply (see the 3 possible choices below and indicate the one chosen in the order comment)

– A 2m tube for the inlet and outlet connections of the filter

– Quick connection inserts for the tubes, at the level of the filter Material WARRANTY 2 years

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