The Shower head
12 June 2017
The Shower head – Concept PRO
12 June 2017

The minerals for shower head


The mineral is a natural chemical compound situated on the whole earth’s crust. The human is also made up of minerals and it is from them we obtain minerals. For this reason these are useful in today’s world where the nature tends to disappear. Read More

Far infrared / Negative ions / anti-chlorine / anti limestone

Red tourmaline : Projects far infrared waves, toning the bath with Spa effect.

Black germanium : Produces negative ions and has a cleansing action on the skin by neutralizing dirt, grease and odors. Strongly reduces the use of soap and shampoo. Avoids irritation of the skin while preserving its PH.

White ceramics : Prevents the formation of pathogens in stagnant water in the shower.