The Shower head – Concept PRO
12 June 2017
6 August 2020

The Plato’s solids


Plato’s solids are used in quantum medicine. Symbols of natural elements, they come from sacred geometries. They produce vibrations and we are very sensitive to them. This is what NATUR & Ô brings to this shower head, having chosen two of them (Icosahedron, Dodecahedron).
The Icosahedrone : It’s situated at the exit of the shower head, it provides the continuous irradation of the Golden number. It’s made up of 20 triangular equilateral faces, is the water element associated to the sacred chakra, center of creativity and abundance. The sacred chakra is situated in the pelvis, that’s why is connected to the water element.

The Dodecahedron : It is situated at the entrance of the shower head, it creates vortex to the Golden number by its 12 pentagonal regular faces. Vortex can be found naturally in streams and torrents.
The dodecahedron is also called the 5th element, it is connected to the heart’s chakra. With this shape the harmony in the water and in ourselves is produced.