What about: Who we are ?

Our meeting is not a coincidence. This love story is born during Christmas’ time. First of all it’s a love for ourselves and for the others, we share it with persons we meet in our way.

Since two years in the wellness field in Switzerland, Olivier Vogel, expert in magnetism, In Montreux Switerland has proposed us a collaboration with him to sell his selection of energizing jewellery (jewellery with minerals). We have discovered a new world that today is our world.

Our activity has developed in the professional wellness exhibitions in Switzerland. After a period of training we got used to this alternative medicine and we enriched by it.

We were approached by Mr. James Nattier during a wellness exhibition in Lausanne. We couldn’t imagine that this meeting could change our life and in particular to realize a common dream we have always hope to realise: do some good and bring the maximum wellness to person we meet in our way.

This history started in September 2015. The product was a shower head with natural minerals that give quality to the water and wellness to the body..

First we have tried the product and we were been charmed and convinced by its benefits. We have accepted the partnership proposed to develop the distribution in Switzerland and in the Rhone Alpes region. Quickly we had success. Clearly with a similar product it couldn’t be different.

The exhibitions came one after another and customers’ demand became more and more important. Information we give to our clients is very enriching, in particular the solution is simple in everyday life for body hygiene and therapeutic.

The meetings we have had during professional exhibitions have gave us the opportunity to meet expert persons that give suggestions for the development of our shower head.

Therapists, geobiologists, doctors, etc. are interested to our product, after the society ISORIS met during a wellness exhibition in Paris. A meeting that turn out in an authentic partnership and in a product that has really changed. We are in the wellness field but more in particular in the Quantum medicine. Thanks to Mr. Olivier Vogel for introducing us to the energizing jewellery and the meeting with Mr. Jean Nattier we are really satisfied. Unfortunately Mr. Nattier disappeared in May 2016. He left and he has left us orphans of his friendship, his kindness and his generosity. His unexpected disappearance has touched us deeply.

Today we know this man has had a mission: doing good to everyone and everywhere in the world with his shower head with therapeutic properties. He left for another mission, we are convinced about it. It’s the reason we want to cite him to share with him, in the place where he’s situated, our success and to give him a stirring memory and an eternal gratitude. Peace for him